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costar Tom Schilling plays Benjamin, who is telling his story to Europol investigator Hanne Lindberg (Trine Dyrholm) now because he fears for his life: After a spree that riled the Russian mob, the three other members of his crew have been slaughtered in a hotel room.

Benjamin introduces us to the virtual world they inhabited, full of catchy pseudonyms and collectives like FR13NDS, which has ties to organized crime.

The show also featured Francis' other three main characters, Avid Merrion, Barry Gibson and a human version of The Bear.

All three characters were in very early stages of development, and in comparison to Francis' appearances in Bo' Selecta!

and beyond, Lemon's actions and behaviour remain similar to, but are noticeably different from, those of the final personalities of the characters.

An episode of this programme is available to view on You Tube.

And nobody knows if these two worlds are complementary or if they strive to eliminate one another.

The film's visualization of the dark corner of cyberspace where they communicate — "the Net inside the Net," as Benjamin describes it — is the film's most distinctive ingredient: Here, actors in hoodies and masks are avatars for techie ne'er-do-wells, communicating with chat-like text boxes that appear beside their faces; their virtual meeting place is represented by a darkened subway car illuminated only be flashing packets of data outside.