Intimidating shout focus macro

26-Jul-2017 14:57

Totem swapping in combat doesn't work, if I remember correctly.

Might have been changed since I last played, though.

Tree of Life(Shapeshift); Tree of Life(Shapeshift)Moonkin Form ( powershifting when pressing CTRL)#showtooltip Moonkin Form(Shapeshift)/equip Idol of the Raven Goddess/cast [modifier:ctrl] !

Moonkin Form(Shapeshift); Moonkin Form(Shapeshift)#showtooltip Feral Charge/equip Idol of the Raven Goddess/cancelaura [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:4] Travel Form/cast [nostance] Dire Bear Form; [stance:1, target=focus, exists] Feral Charge/target focus/cast Feral Charge/targetlasttarget#showtooltip Lifebloom/equip Idol of the Emerald Queen/cast Lifebloom(Rank 1)#showtooltip Regrowth/equip Idol of the Crescent Goddess/cast Regrowth(Rank 10)#showtooltip Rejuvenation/equip Harold's Rejuvenating Broach/cast Rejuvenation(Rank 13#showtooltip Healing Touch/equip Idol of the Avian Heart/cast Healing Touch(Rank 13)#showtooltip Wrath/equip Idol of the Avenger/cast Wrath(Rank 10)#showtooltip Moonfire/equip Idol of the Unseen Moon/cast Moonfire(Rank 12)#showtooltip Starfire(Rank 8)/equip Ivory Idol of the Moongoddess/cast Starfire(Rank 8)#showtooltip Shred(Rank 7)/equip Everbloom Idol/cast Shred(Rank 7)#showtooltip Rip(Rank 7)/equip Idol of Feral Shadows/cast Rip(Rank 7)#showtooltip Rake/equip Idol of Savagery/cast Rake(Rank 5)#showtooltip Maim(Rank 1)/equip Idol of the Claw/cast Maim(Rank 1)#showtooltip Lacerate(Rank 1)/equip Idol of Ursoc/cast Lacerate(Rank 1)#showtooltip Ferocious Bite(Rank 6)/equip Idol of the Claw/cast Ferocious Bite(Rank 6)---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Feel free to share yours and I'll add them.

This macro can also be great for pummeling unsuspecting healers that think you're not going to pummel them because you're bladestorming.

last updated: Feb 9, 17 This macro allows you swap between shockwave and storm bolt without having to drag the ability onto your bar.

(Tested in 4.0) This macro will cast Charge in Battle Stance, Intercept in Berserker Stance and Intervene in Defensive stance if your target is friendly.

Finally, this macro turns on your auto-attack if the target is hostile, cancels your Bladestorm and casts Battle Shout.

intimidating shout focus macro-4

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last updated: Feb 9, 17 If you're ever bladestorming and need to cancel it to pummel your current target, this macro allows you to do so without having to first manually cancel your bladestorm and then use your pummel.This macro is compatible with the juggernaut talents.

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