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Blige, Xscape, Tamar Braxton, Maxwell, and so many more, tuck in below to relive tonight’s most memorable moments shortly after they occur! Back for the first time since 2011’s hit album Late Nights & Early Mornings, Floetry’s Marsha Ambrosius has officially released the album artwork and tracklist for her upcoming Friends & Lovers. ” @marshaambrosius announced her pregnancy at #Essence Fest and I’m screaming like I’m an auntie.#Marsha Ambrosius #Floetry See all of my #Essence experience on #Snapchat before it’s gone!“I did everything I could to get Marsha on the record and the best I could do was to do a re-interpretation of “Say Yes” to honor the 10 years.

"When you disagree on where you are in your lives you can't create." .

It was a cold day in 2002 and my friend and I made our daily walk to Virgin Records (when those still existed in Chicago) to browse around and spend pretty much our entire paychecks on the latest releases.