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Or perhaps it is the jumble of correspondence on the kitchen table, the birthday cards mixed up with condolence cards, the letters of sympathy, and the obituaries clipped from newspapers around the world.

Together they encapsulate an extraordinary life and a death made more poignant by its timing.

When authorities arrived, Mortimer was “crying and screaming irrationally,” saying her purse was inside.

The socialite — who in 2008 launched her very own shade of Dior lipstick, Tinsley Pink — was booked into the Palm Beach County jail, charged with trespassing, and spent nearly three hours in the slammer.

At the end of the day is what it all resorts back to, are “you” willing to chance that already preconceived perfect image of just where…when… Jeremy Pimm (25), Texas I am a 2011 high school graduate. I love sports: football, basketball, tennis, soccer, handball, weight lifting, running, wakeboarding, skiing, snowboar.... If you are reading this, then that means you are open-minded, and can clearly see pass these four walls, steel doors and barbwire fences that surround me, and take a chance to elevate menta....

Marcus Taylor (35), Illinois Hi high regards for sharing with me a few minutes of your time. Karen L Williams , Texas I’m a 4’11 Indian, Mexican and Italian women. As for me not a whole lot here, considering where I am. Kaili Roberts (36), Oregon People, I have discovered, are layers and layers of secrets. Darnell Alexander , Minnesota My name is Darnell Alexander Sr.

Last Saturday, the 40-year-old Mortimer was arrested for trespassing at the Palm Beach, Fla., residence of her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Alexander “Nico” Fanjul, 30, the son of sugar baron Alexander Fanjul.

According to the police report, Fanjul called cops when Mortimer showed up uninvited — while Fanjul’s new girlfriend was there.

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Now she’s living a secret, abusive nightmare in Florida.Now the blond beauty, who went from diamond cuffs to handcuffs in less than a decade, has morphed into a cautionary tale for Pretty Young Things. For one thing, her 10-years-junior boyfriend, Fanjul.His billionaire family owns the right land, belongs to the right clubs — like the famously snobbish Bath and Tennis Club in Florida — and is a fixture on the party pages of The Shiny Sheet, the nickname for the Palm Beach Daily News.According to a source, Fanjul has been studying for his insurance license exam for the last three years.

He and Mortimer started seeing each other in December 2012.AUGUST BIRTHDAYS The Inmates below are celebrating a birthday this month, send them a birthday note!!! Gregorio Zubiate #01981094 8/1 Jeremy Pimm #02042298 8/21 Roderick Gonnie #198588 8/3 Miriam Abreago #WE4502 8/22 Lorenzo Suttles #18231-074 8/5 Bob Norfleet #1646699 8/22 Anthony C.

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