Polyamorous dating tips

08-Sep-2017 15:48

There is a popular misconception that people who believe in a polyamorous system just want to be able to sleep around. [Read: Everything you need to know about an open relationship] #2 People in polyamorous relationships don’t love each other any less.Just because they allow their partner to also be in a relationship with someone else doesn’t mean they don’t love them just as much as you love your significant other in a monogamous relationship. In fact, it could even be argued that they have more love to give because it overreaches the bounds of a monogamous relationship. A lot of people think that because someone can date more than one person and vice versa, jealousy isn’t an issue.Unfortunately he thought I told people about it, and because of asking a friend about her idea on it, she told everyone.

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Sorry folks, you can’t walk around cheating on your unsuspecting lover and use a “polyamorous relationship” as an explanation. If you’re serious about getting into a polyamorous relationship or just want to know a little more about it, here’s the rundown on everything you’ll need to know. In no way, shape, or form does being polyamorous make you a slut. The only difference is that they have more than one person to whom they’re committed.Although it’s not widely accepted in most societies yet, polyamory is on the rise in recent years.

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